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Commercial & Business Vehicles

At 1300CTPCTP, we offer premium personalised service. Speak to one of our greenslip specialists and they will provide you with quotes in minutes! They can also answer questions that you might have in regards to anything else needed to register your motor vehicle in New South Wales.

For all Commercial, Taxi and Business vehicle greenslip quotes, please contact us on 1300CTPCTP for a more personalised service.

Change to current process for Commercial & Business Vehicles

For registrations effective 1st July 2011 there has been a change iin the way the Input Tax Credit entitlement is determined. Currently the vehicle owner (or their representative) is asked when purchasing a Green slip if anyone will be claiming an ITC on the GST included in the price of the Green slip.

From 1st July 2011 it is assumed that the owners of all commercial and business vehicles will be entitled to claim an ITC on the GST and that this will be reflected in the price of the Green slip.

The vast majority of vehicle owners have not be affected by this change. A small percentage of owners however, will notice their ITC status has changed on their Greenslip and in these cases the Greenslip premium will increase.

For more information on ITC and GST, please contact your CTP Green slip insurer or visit the ATO at http://www.ato.gov.au/General/Rulings-and-ATO-view/In-detail/Private-rulings--supporting-information-to-send-with-your-application/GST/Claiming-input-tax-credits/ or call them on 13 28 66.

Upon completion of the ITC declaration, you will receive an updated copy of CTP Greenslip renewal document in the mail.