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Why Do I Need A Greenslip Quote?

Every insurance company is required to register their prices with the Motor Accident Authority every year and therefore prices will continue to vary between insurers. To ensure you are getting the best value for money, it is in your best interest to always check with us at 1300CTPCTP.


What Does Greenslip Insurance Cover Your For?

Greenslips provide compensation for people killed or injured in a motor vehicle accident. This includes pedestrians, passengers, cyclists, motorcyclists and drivers of other vehicles and, to a lesser extent, the driver at fault. Your greenslip does include trailers under the greenslip of the towing vehicle.

Your Greenslip does not:

  • Cover the driver at fault to the full extent of the scheme, unless the driver is catastrophically injured (as defined by the Lifetime Care & Support Scheme and in which case that scheme applies).
  • Cover damage to other peoples' vehicles or property.
  • Cover you for the theft of your vehicle.

The people entitled to compensation, the basis on which compensation is payable and the limits to the amount of compensation are set out fully in the Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999 and the Motor Accidents (Lifetime Care and Support) Act 2006. You should seek advice on your position in terms of those Acts, rather than rely on the overview set out in this site.