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Greenslip Claims Profile

There is a great need for the MAA to monitor the greenslip claims profile to make sure the process is handled according to the legislation and to initiate better strategies to help manage injuries.


According to the MAA Annual Report 2012-13 there is more severe accidents in Country NSW compared to Metropolitan Sydney. This can be said as claim costs are higher in proportion to the actual claims paid out in Country NSW. Accidents in Country NSW involve higher speed and injuries are therefore more severe compared to Sydney. As an example the total percentage of claims in Sydney stand at 67.8 but the costs only add up to 63 percent. While in Country NSW claims cost is at 21.8 percent with a 16.5 percent of actual claims.

In contrast, claims by pedestrians, pillion passengers or bike riders is awfully low with a very high claims cost. While claims stand at 0.6 percent, claims cost is at a high 1 percent.

On the other hand, claims are made by drivers and the number is almost half of the total claims made but their claims costs only reach 38.2 percent.

Which age group cause the most accidents in NSW?

The CTP Scheme is there to help people involved in accidents to claim compensation for their injuries or other related economic and non-economic losses. Because it is a fault based scheme, anyone who wants to make a full claim cannot be identified as the driver at fault.

According to the MAA Annual Report 2012-13, males cause a whopping 59.4 percent of total accidents resulting in injuries while females only cause 29.1 percent of injury causing accidents. Hence in the percentage left, the driver at fault has not been identified.

Drivers aged between 17 to 25 years of age cause25.6 percent of total accidents involving injuries while their claims costs stand at25.3 percent. The 26 to 45 year olds cause 45.3 percent of injury related accidents and their claims cost stands at 45.1 percent. And for our senior citizens aged between 50 to 69 causes 19.9 percent of total accidents involving injuries and their claims costs make up 22.6 percent.